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Online Training Course On Enhancing Trade Competitiveness For Goods And Services

Speaker 1

MI is inviting 18 mid-level officials from Lancang-Mekong countries to attend the e-training course on “Enhancing Trade Competitiveness For Goods and Services: Issues and Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World” from August 3 to August 20, 2020 in our official digital platforms.

The interactive 10-day e-training is designed to (a) advance knowledge on the linkages between post-pandemic recovery and trade competitiveness, including of SMEs and cross-border trade in goods and services; (b) share business strategies that will enhance company- and SME-level competitiveness in the trading of goods and services; (c) contribute to the building or strengthening of cross-border infrastructure, facilities, goods and services-related against global emergencies such as a health pandemic; (d) contribute to the enhancement of cross-border hard and soft connectivity; and (e) promote usage of Information and Communications Technology in cross-border infrastructure and facilities to maximize

benefits from cross-border trade in goods and services. For more information on the e-training, requirements, and schedule, please see https://cutt.ly/rp6lxMj
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