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Name of SEZ that company operates Wellgrow Industrial Estate
Company Description

Founded in 1985, we are one of the 9 companies of the Kim Pai Group. Kim Pai Lamitube started life as a small laminated tube producer making toothpaste tubes for Colgate Palmolive and Unilever in Thailand. Our tube expertise has been developed to include multi-layer extruded tubes as well as a wide range of laminated tube options.

We believe we are now the technology leader in the laminated tube industry with our well known invisible side seam technology. With our capacities of up to 1,200 million tubes per year, we are growing every year, with 20% volume growth in the past 3 years. Our customers include Colgate Palmolive, P&G, Lion, J&J, GSK, and Unilever amongst others.

Year Established 1985
Company Address

85/4 Moo 1, Soi 2, Bangna-Trat Road, Hom Sin Sub-district, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao 24180 Thailand

Company Province Chachoengsao
Company Telephone 038842758 - 63
Company Fax 038570862-3
Company Website http://kimpailamitube.co.th/
Corporate Status Limited Company
Business Type Manufacturer
Business Sector Produce laminated tubes
Main Products Produce laminated tubes
Products Photos
Domestic Market: Destination City Chachoengsao Bangkok
International Market: Destination Country Bangkok
Main Import Items
Item Country Volume Value
Main Export Items
Item Country Volume Value
Produce laminated tubes
Solid Waste
Item Volume Value
Scrap laminat
Video Promotion Materials
Membership Affiliation
Affiliated Organization Country Website
Fjords USA https://fjords.no/
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